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stand out consistently, everywhere

At it’s core your branding needs to do three things:

Icons Branding Launch


Make an impact

Icons Branding Scaleable


Adapt to size & space

Icons Branding


be consistent

skills pay the bills

Logo vs Brand Design

Icons Branding ComponentOne


ONE Component

Usually in one fixed
layout and size.


Icons Branding ComponentMulti

Brand Design


Adaptable to fit
any orientation.

Icons Branding Typography


Usually two fonts, sometimes three that work together.

Icons Branding Colour

Colour Palette

A range of colours that work together that fit you.

Icons Branding Patterns

Textures / Patterns

This fleshes out your design elements for marketing.

Icons Branding Patterns


Choosing a consistent and recognisable style of photos.

Icons Branding Scaleable

Scalable to any size

I design logos using vector images which do not pixelate.

Icons Branding FilesPrint

Pro Files

.AI & .EPS Files for profesh printers and other designers.

Icons Branding FilesWeb

Web Files

.SVG, .PNG & .JPG files for using online.

Icons Branding VisualGuide

Visual Guide

Showing the colour codes, layout options etc.

Portfolio proof

Branding & logo clients I’ve worked with

stars 5

Really happy with Cathie’s service.

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Really happy with Cathie’s service! I ordered a brand logo and banners service for my brand new company and I’m really happy with results. Very professional and quick turnaround, I do not hesitate to recommend her service to everyone who needs a designer to create their brand! Thank you!


stars 5

.. easy to work with ..

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Cathie was really responsive to my request for assistance with branding. She was very understanding of what I hoped to achieve and was easy to work with to get a great end product.

Thanks so much.


What happens when you hire me?

What happens next?

Let's Chat & Agree Your Branding

This is the point where we chat about what you need, make our design agreement stating what you want, what I’ll deliver and you pay a 50% of the invoice or the full invoice to start our project together.

Research & Strategy

We get together to talk about your ideal customers, research & identify the visual language they connect with, create an inspiration board for your brand.

Design Concepts

Working on Zoom or in person, I will create concept pieces that quickly design your logo from a sketch you’ve drawn or craft a  few brand concepts together.

Design Refine & Tweak

We review the concepts, choose the direction of your visual brand. We then go through an iterative back and forth communication moment. So that we find the sweet spot we think works best.

Customer Review & Tweak

This review phase is where you share your branding with your ideal clients and the people you trust. You’ll learn from their feedback, which we then work through together to ensure we nail your branding. At this point your branding is finalised ready for exporting to their print and web files.

Pay Invoice Remainder

Once you pay the invoice remainder I will package up all of your graphics and digitally package them up for deliver. You’ll be able to use them in any space you defined in our agreement.

Your New Branding / Logo Delivered!

Wooohooooooooo! Your new branding or logo will be digitally packaged up for delivery. 

You will receive the professional print files, the smaller web sized files and a visual brand guide sharing how you can use your brand suite of components.

With your new brand or logo materials you’ll be ready to

make your mark on the world.

branding what-ie Wha?

Frequently Asked Questions



What can I do with the pro .AI and .EPS files?

These are for the professional printers and other designers you may work with in the future. They will make sure any merchandising or products, packaging, labels, business cards etc are all made with the best crisp logo possible. 

Why do I need Web Files: .SVG, .PNG & .JPG

Each file type is perfect for using in different ways.

.SVG – this is a scalable vector graphic, this means that when this image file type is uploaded to websites, your brand logo will not lose any quality to its crisp edges. Great for use on Websites & Canva.

.PNG – this is an image type that allows for transparency. This means that if you were to put your logo over the top of another image, you’d have your logo showing above without an ungly white box also showing. ie. the .JPG.

.JPG – is very useful for small file sizes where you know you want your logo on a fixed white, black or other set colour of your choice. 

Are you available to work immediately?

Sometimes, yes, if I’ve cleared my client workload. However most often I do pre-work with clients and then schedule in a ‘build week’. This is the week or two of rapid building of the site. If you miss this build slot it will go to the back of the queueu and we’ll need to reschedule it.



What is a brand logo suite?

Often business logos come in two parts, a symbol and the business name. A brand logo suite is a step up from a logo only for one simple reason. Each part of the logo is designed for large, medium and small spaces, then combined into a square, portrait and horizontal layouts. Black backgrounds with a light logo and a white background with a dark logo.

Basically, for every place you can think to want your logo, your brand logo will be ready to fit.

How do you work when you're deaf?

I’m technically hard of hearing and most folks never even realise I’m deaf if we meet in person. I have one huge weakness .. I don’t hear phonecalls that well. 

So I work across emails, I have a project management system for files and I use face to face meeting, most often across Zoom. 

What if I can not afford either option?

The best advice I have is to find a clean and easy to read font from Google Fonts and within Canva create your business name with that font.

Then use it everywhere. Branding is about being consistent.

Show me the moolah!

Investment & Pricing


Thoughts on Branding

Branding is more than just what you see

Branding is more than just what you see

Branding is more than just what you see, it's also about the experience and how your customer feels. A great analogy for describing this is an iceberg, we all know you can only see the small tip, yet below is a huge amount of ice supporting it to float. Most people...

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