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Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

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As a tech person who ‘has a go’ with lots of different systems I hear that people get confused over hashtags. What they are? Why use them? How do I know which ones to use etc.

With all the many hundreds of hashtags for every day of the week, special interest days, weeks or months. For example its Repeat Day today .. if you loved it once, why not do it again? I like being part of conversations, learning something new because every day is a school day in this game of life!

I’m still not having 6 kids, a car and a mansion thanks .. I’d rather my partner, daughter, cat and aspirations of van life!

Think of hashtags as labels of conversation.

Consider that the internet is one big room with millions of conversations happening. It would be great if would could know what those conversations were so that we could join in.

Oh how I wish this were possible on networking evenings!

Hashtags are the labels of what is happening in those conversations. The best way that people will know, like and trust you, is to show up in those conversations.

There are three kinds of hashtag groups to be part of:

Days of the Week

There are many many hashtags that feature a day of the week, this is a great way for you to create marketing content in your business that takes part in this conversation labels. For example: use #FollowFriday sometimes also known as #FF on twitter, to tag your friend, colleague, fellow business collaboration and talk about it.








Interesting Days and Awareness Events

There’s a great site that I use to figure out what is coming up in the future that I could use to start or continue a conversation.

It’s called: Days of the Year.

I like this site because its clear, friendly and free.

As well as providing our services and skills as a business, we can also be volunteers for a cause. Most causes have an awareness day, week or month. Show a rounded person in your business, what are you passionate about.

It doesn’t always have to be about philanthropy, the fact you’re a chocoholic means that you could have spoken about it being #ChocolateMacaroonDay today. Maybe you’ve bought some from a local shop and they did something unique in their customer service that you loved. That inspired you to do something similar in your own business. Mixing both a personal interest with something in your business.

Topics in and around what you do in your business

Thirdly you can use hashtags that relate directly to what you do in your business. Think of all the ways you can name your services. Mine would be #WebDesign #WebsiteDesign #Wordpress #WebsiteDesigner #WebDesigner and even add your country initials: UK. Making it #WebDesignUK.

There is an easy way to search and find what is popular and used frequently and those that are less popular and less frequently. I’d advocate mixing and matching both. When doing a # search on Instagram in their search box you will see the frequency number as well.

An animation showing the instagram search bar and how to use it to find hashtags that are being used and how popular it is.

Always think about how to get your content shared for as long as possible. If you consider popularity numbers you’ll know that in the stream of conversation used 5 million times, your content will last seconds before thousands of other posts will push it out of sight. This is why we use less popularly known hashtags so that our content will be shown for longer within that hashtag stream. Do you remember this graphic from my blog in doing your marketing using your blog AND social media?

A graphic showing how long social media marketing lasts on different networks and your blog.

One thing to note, people DO follow hashtags. If you aren’t aware of it or aren’t following hashtags relevant to your business .. you’re missing out on being visible and part of the conversation.

Share your work, your knowledge and expertise, let people know you’re there. Choose the days of the week that you will regularly write and share a blog post full of value and supplement it with marketing posts to join the conversation. With hashtags that fit those days.

Remember to also engage and write comments on others social media AND their blogs. Don’t be the odd duck who just talks outwards, expecting praise and adoration comments. It won’t happen. You also need to comment and interact with others .. soon you’ll build a network of people who reciprocate and before you know it, you’ll have new networks of connections.

Be brave, be visible and part of the conversation, those hashtags are simply labels so that you know what the topic is that’s being discussed.

Wish I could have those as virtual reality bubbles above peoples heads in real life at networking events!

What will you talk about today using hashtags?

What will you comment on today via a hashtag search?

If you like what you’ve read, please share this blog post .. cheers!

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