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Headshots & Branding Portraits

Headshots and Branding Portraits are synonymous for showing yourself as the face in your business. Whether that is just you as a solopreneur or your full team. We may not trust a business immediately but we instinctive trust a person or not based on how they present. So, along with your branding and website presence, make sure you take care of your image in your business.

Business Documentary & Storytelling

Your business is in progress, why not tell the story of where you are right now. Are you a singer on stage, then show it. Are you a craftsman refining your silver jewellery, then show it. Don’t hide your light under a bushel, you won’t be found that way and all businesses want clients. Show how you can help your customers by solving their problems or something they appreciate. Let us help you do this.

What we think about Photography …

How to make a great impression with a personal branding portrait

You have 1 second to make a impression, make it count. It's part of human nature to instantly like / dislike, trust or distrust a person, we make snap judgements based on a persons looks and our experiences. We don't trust as quickly a business that isn't representing...

Why aren’t you visible in your business online?

Trust is a big thing when buying from a business and we trust people we've seen before .. so why aren't you visible in your business online?  That's me on the left with my self portrait I did to represent me online. I'm a professional photographer so of anybody, I...

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