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This is what
I’d love you to say:

“I designed a life I love.”

For me, this means I get to:


Live life on my terms


Be as flexible as I need


Choose my own priorities


Define my own success

Don’t you want this too?

Is this something you’d think or say?


You don't have the time to do it all, you'd rather outsource.


You don't know how to do the doing of tech and want to learn.


You don't want to waste funds on amateur after amateur.


You're passionate about your skill set and want to raise others up.

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A little about me
& my story

I’m Cathie, a photographer, designer, certified geek (MSc in Information Management), filmmaker and bit of a dreamer.  In short, I’m a creative, with multiple skills backed by a logical brain that wants things to be fit for purpose.

Something to note is that I’m hard of hearing, nervous about phone calls .. so please text before calling me! I nickname my hearing aids my ‘ears’ because it’s simpler to say and they are my ears in reality.

To summarise me in a few words I’d say: I am passionate, cheesy, creative, sometimes stylish, geeky and honest.

A little bit oddball:

I’ve gone bonkers for peanut butter & jam sarnies!
I’d love to tour the world reviewing icecream palours.
I love the Pinch of Nom recipes books. I have them all!

I’m a little bit obsessed with food
.. can you tell?!

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What are the aims of this website, products & services?

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I want to educate you so that you understand what systems and tech will work to support you in making your business and dream life. To know what your options are so that you can make an informed choice.

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I want to inspire you to start designing and building your dream life, making a business that will work with you and support and lifestyle you want to achieve. The first thing to do .. is start.

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Provide Tools

I provide the tools so that you can have a business brand you are proud of, to be able to market your business with great design and have a business website that is both functional and beautiful.

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Let’s discover

how your future could look

Icons About 1Idea


You have a business idea or concept.

Icons About 2Help


You need design & tech help.

Icons About 3WorkTogether


You hire me, we design & build it.

Icons About 4DesignLaunch


You launch your new website & designs.

Icons About 5Live


You love the life you’ve created.

.. here’s a few bonus reasons to work with me

A pyramid of skill blocks that build each project.


No surprises, as I give as much clarity where I can. Each service or all of them combined have multiple steps and skill blocks that work together to give you a bespoke service.

Icons About Puzzle

I do the bits inbetween

I do all the bitty piecemeal work that needs to happen between photographers, designers and tech folks.

Icons About Feedback

I have a great feedback system for websites

No more emails with ‘page this, edit this phrase’, just click and say what you’d like the words to be.

Icons About LowStress

I'm low key, low stress

I strongly dislike drama or lots of intense stress. So I make things simple, as smooth as possible and low stress.

Icons About Success

I want to see you succeed

If you succeed with your business, we can raise each other up. That’s a good thing in my book.

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This is what
I’m known for:

Icons WebsiteDesign

Wordpress Websites

I’d love for your business story, product & services to be presented beautifully and navigated to with ease. No point creating great content to share if it can’t be found, or so cluttered as to put people off.

I design wordpress websites only

My favourite theme is Divi, that's my speciality

I teach WordPress & Divi, so you know how to use it

I love doing bespoke designs & wordpress sites

Did I mention, I teach you how to use your website?

and also for these too…

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Icons Branding


I design and craft your visual identity, the basis of your branding that ‘speaks’ for you when you aren’t there. It’s your professional stamp on the world, representing you and your business.

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Icons GraphicDesign


You have something to say and share with the world, I can help you with the design. Graphics and layout are key elements in order  to be happy to share your work and voice.

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Icons Photography


People trust people. So get yourself on your website. Show who you are, what you do. How will you do your marketing effectively if you don’t like your images?
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Icons Teaching


There’s no point in having a great website, if you don’t know how to use it. I teach you how to use your website and make the best of it. I love questions, so ask away and I’ll share.

I make sure I work with good people and systems.

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