Hello I’m Cathie Heart.

“She designed a life she loves.”

This is the phrase I want people to be able to say and achieve .. to choose to build a life they really love. One of the best ways I’ve found to do this for long term security in the days of recessions and redundancies, it to build your own business. Either small scale, turning a hobby into an income stream, or large scale and employing other people as staff. If it only employs you as a micro-business, that’s great .. if that grows or your aim is to employ many others, your dream impacts your life and all those around you.

Let me help you achieve your dream of the life you choose.

A little about me
& my story

I’m Cathie, a photographer, designer, certified geek (MSc in Information Management), filmmaker and bit of a dreamer. In short, I’m a creative, with multiple skills backed by a logical brain that wants things to be fit for purpose.

I love my partner, stepdaughter, our cat Miss Fliss, the way we choose to live our lives. I love to travel and take my camera with me, my photos are my literal photographic memory and I print them out to keep. I see beauty in tiny things around me and that brings me joy. Something to note is that I’m hard of hearing / deaf, so that’s why there are no phone numbers on this website! 

Here are some words that I think sum me up pretty well, I am passionate, cheesy, creative, geeky and honest.

So .. hello, how can I help you?

What are the aims of this website, products & services?



I want to educate you so that you understand what systems and tech will work to support you in making your business and dream life. To know what your options are so that you can make an informed choice.


I want to inspire you to start designing and building your dream life, making a business that will work with you and support and lifestyle you want to achieve. The first thing to do .. is start.


Provide Tools

I provide the tools so that you can have a business brand you are proud of, to be able to market your business with great design and have a business website that is both functional and beautiful.

Is this you right now

& your possible future.

1. You have a business idea or concept.


2. You need design & tech help.

3. You hire us, we design & build it.

4. You launch your new website & designs.

5. You love the life you've created.

This is what we do


We design and craft your visual identity, the basis of you branding that ‘speaks’ for you when you aren’t there. It’s your professional stamp on the world, representing you and your business. 



Tell the world about what you do, market to where they are via adverts, flyers, social media covers, exhibitions and more. If you have something to say and share with the world, I can help you with the design.


We’d love for your business story, product & services to be presented beautifully and navigated to with ease. No point creating great content to share if it can’t be found, or so cluttered as to put people off.

The Trifecta of what you need
to help get your business
online & be great.



We also do photography & video.

Show who you are in your business and what you do. It’s great to have a website offering your services and products, but the best thing I’ve learned in business is that people trust people. So put yourself on your website and show what you do.

Full Business Launch Service

Put all of our branding, graphics, website & photography skills to use.
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