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your photos are how you market yourself in your business:

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Be Yourself

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Show What You Do

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Make A Connection

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What I Do In Photography Design

Icons Photo Steps Edit


Getting rid of pesky blemishes and correcting colours.

Icons Photo Compositing

Digital Compositing

Doing occasional headswaps where possible if a smile is better in another photo.

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Cropping / Extending

Extending backgrounds so that composition is balanced.

Icons Photo CinematicEye

Cinematic Eye

How I frame the story of you & your business.

Icons Photo FilesPrint

Pro Print Files

Photos ready for printing in your marketing materials.

Icons Photo FilesWeb

Web Files

Photos ready for sharing online, on your website & social media.

Portfolio proof

Photography clients I’ve worked with

stars 5

I’m delighted with my pictures and fully recommend her talent.

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I had an awesome time with Cathie having my headshot pictures taken. She was very friendly from the start, very helpful giving me direction and made the whole process very easy. I’m delighted with my pictures and fully recommend her talent.


stars 5

She brought out the confident business women in me with her pictures.

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Can’t recommend Cathie enough. She brought out the confident business women in me with her pictures, a side which I’ve never managed to capture before! She was very laid back from the get go, I felt safe being in front of the camera, but she knew what she was doing and how to get the best angles every time. The final pictures were high quality and well framed, she’s got an excellent eye! I’ve now got a great selection of images that really capture me and my business to use in all my future promo and website!


What happens when you hire me?

What happens next?

Let's Chat & Agree Your Photoshoot

This is the point where we chat about what you need, make our photoshoot agreement stating what you want, what I’ll deliver and you’ll pay the full invoice to start our photography project together.

The Photoshoot

Working remotely via your phone or in person, I will capture you in the style and settings you need for you and your business. If you combine this with my other services, I’ll ensure to match the ‘voice’ of your brand in your photoshoot too.


After your photoshoot, I’ll go to my editing cave (uh, my office) and work on your photos so that they fit the photo brief we created at our consultation.

Proofing Gallery

You will be given access to a digital or in person proofing gallery, where you can review and select the photos you’d like to have from your photoshoot. Additional photos can be purchased upon request.

Your New Photos Delivered!

YES! Your new photos will be digitally packaged up for delivery. 

You will receive the professional print files, the smaller web sized files to use to promote yourself in your business.

With your new photos and marketing materials you’ll be ready to

show yourself doing what you love in your business.

photo what-ie huh?

Frequently Asked Questions



How does a remote photoshoot work?

There is an app that I’ll guide you to download, which enables me to remotely control your android or iPhone so that I can take photos via your phones camera. 

After the shoot, you keep the app open for an hour, while the photos are uploaded to my account and I can then grab and edit your photos. 

Are remote photoshoot files good enough to print?

For small prints yes, they’d be okay small photo prints and flyers. Anything over an A5 flyer may not print well. 

Remote photoshoots are ideal for the digital marketer on their website and social media.

Your prices say 'starting from' will I get a clear price?

Almost all my services are bespoke directly to your requirements. So when we have our consultation we’ll discuss in detail what you need from your photos to do your marketing.



What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is sharing the image of who you are, allowing people to ‘meet’ you without having to meet you in person. 

We have 3 seconds to make a good impression, don’t you want that to be a great photo of you where you’re relaxed, personable and also shows what you do?

What is the difference between Print & Web files?

Photo files can take a lot of storage space on your computers. If you were to upload a print file size onto your website, it would slow that website down very quickly, the more large files sizes you upload. Web files are much smaller, but if you were to use Web files for printing, you’d end up with potentially blurry images being printed. 

So I label the two files Print & Web, so that you know what you can use for printing your flyers, posters, exhibitions etc. Vs for the Web which is for your website and online social media. 

How do you work when you're deaf?

I’m technically hard of hearing and most folks never even realise I’m deaf if we meet in person. I’m great at reading body language so I can tell when you’re confident or nervous. It’s a hidden super power for events too, as I can spot when moments are occurring without having to hear them.

I become nervous in a photoshoot if we try to have a full conversation and I’ve a camera in my face blocking my ability to lip read you! So we’ll chat beforehand to ensure we are both comfortable and work well together.

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