Why aren’t you visible in your business online?

Thursday, 9th March 2017

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Trust is a big thing when buying from a business and we trust people we’ve seen before .. so why aren’t you visible in your business online? 

TheHeartsDesign-BioPicThat’s me on the left with my self portrait I did to represent me online. I’m a professional photographer so of anybody, I have the least excuse to a) have a bad photo and worst of all b) have no photo at all!

When you have an about page on your website, does it have a photo of you, of your business .. the team of people you work with? Why not? Yes, its natural to feel fear and be shy but we connect best with those we see and recognise. To do so its great to be able to see you in your business.

Its a lesson I’m learning myself as I’m okay at putting up a photo of who I am but haven’t really focused before in putting me into surroundings of my business .. so I too am learning and growing regarding this.

How can we know ‘you’ in order to trust you and what your business is selling. This is especially relevant for the small business that is growing .. the large business has already grown and made its impact on you or people around you and has word of mouth, reputation and its own level of kudos. If you don’t have any of that, the way to build it is individually and showing who you are, what you stand for in your business and what you do.

So let me issue the challenge .. if you don’t have a profile picture up to show who you are and your team as well, why?

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