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Full Business Design & Launch Services



This includes everything I do here at The Heart’s Design and it’s my favourite service, because I get to really know you and your business, to serve you with all my skills.

Why have several freelancers do individual services and struggle to collaborate?   When you work with me, you get several skills sets that combine together.

This means I’ll craft you an online business to fit the vision you have. That every element from branding, graphics, website, photography all work cohesively. I work with you but I always keep in mind that my customer is actually, your customer.

Icons BusinessDesign



Every service combined, just for you & your business.

Icons WebsiteDesign



A bespoke wordpress website designed & built just for you.

Icons Branding



Full branding & identity design with a logo suite & guide.

Icons GraphicDesign



All your graphic design marketing needs crafted.

Icons Photography



Photographs to fit your website & social media marketing.

Icons Teaching



Screen capture training you can watch again & again.

Icons BusinessDesign



Icon Equals
Website Design



Brand Design



Graphic Design



Photography Design



Teaching Design



skills pay the bills

What I Do In Online Business Design

Everything from the individual services.

plus these extras

Icons BusinessDesign PersonalityClone

Personality Clone

I get to know you and your business, your personality and who you are within your business.

Icons BusinessDesign ProjectPlanning

Project Planning

So that you know what is as a task for you to do, what I do and how it all progresses step by step.

Icons BusinessDesign EmailSetup

Email Setup

So that you have an easy to use Free or Pro GMail to manage to your emails everywhere.

Icons BusinessDesign Automation


How to use the power of your website + your bookings, project management etc systems.

Icons BusinessDesign Training


How to use your branding, graphics, photos and website to their best potential.

Icons BusinessDesign AddCanva

Canva Templates & Training

Know how to create your marketing materials, use your branding & photos with templates

Icons BusinessDesign AddSocialSetup

Add-On: Social Media Setup

You know you want to be on facebook, insta, linked in, twitter but don’t want to setup and link every account. I’ll do it for you.

Icons BusinessDesign AddMailerLite

Add-On: MailerLite Sales Funnel

Integrate and design your newsletters, plus automate your lead magnet sales funnel

Icons BusinessDesign AddMemberVault

Add-On: MemberVault

Design MemberVault with your branding & show you how to integrate with your website.

Icons BusinessDesign Add17Hats

Add-On: 17 Hats Project Management

Want a client project management system for your service business? No problem, I can set you up with what I use, 17 Hats.

Some of the fab business design clients I’ve worked with.

What happens when you hire me?

What happens next?

Let's Chat & Agree Your Website Design

This is the point where we chat about what you need, make our design agreement stating what you want, what I’ll deliver and what way we wish to split the invoice to start our project together.

Invoice: Branding Phase

Most often I split payments for business design into three sections, the first section covers branding. Each section is paid for up front and non-refundable. This means that everything I produce within a phase is delivered. This protects both you and me.

Branding Design

Everything in your business flows from your branding. It includes your logo suite, colours, typography, patterns, textures and how this is all mixed together to be your visual voice online.

Customer Brand Consultations & Revisions

You reach out to a select few of your customers and ask for their feedback. You will know very quickly whether your branding is connecting and creating an impact. We tweak to ensure we nail this.

Invoice: Website Start & Graphics Phase

I split payments for business design into three sections, the first section covers branding. Each section is paid for up front and non-refundable. This means that everything I produce within a phase is delivered. This protects both you and me.

Website Design

The design specs written during the scoping phase will be followed and all functionality built into the website. Your website will be ‘live’ on my server, this means you’ll be able to see and interact with your site in real-time. To test, click buttons, read the text and check the customer’s experience of your website.

Graphic Design

There are many elements that need designing within your website and truly custom design requires that graphic design elements are made fit for purpose. I fill in these gaps that often happen between branding being made and the application to a website.

Invoice: Bespoke Photography Phase

The third and last payment section to book your photoshoot and for me to edit your photos. Each section is paid for upfront and non-refundable. This means that everything I produce within a phase is delivered. This protects both you and me.

Photoshoot & Retouching

Once the base design of your website is completed we know exactly the imagery we are looking to create to fit the spaces where you want to show up within your website. People trust people, so it’s best show up on our about page so that folks know who we are. I photograph you personal branding / commercial photos that do a dual duty for your website and also your social media / marketing materials.

Personalised Training

There’s no point in having a website, branding or photos crafted for you, if you don’t know how to use it. You won’t need to hire me to change images or text, you’ll just do it. You’ll know this because I’ll record my screen and show you how to do things. You’ll be able to follow my highlighted cursor to see exactly what I do and how you can do the same to achieve those results.

Website Finish & Delivery

This the point where everything is finished and I do a full transfer of the website to your hosting account. You will also receive your full branding suite, graphics, photos and training. The full project handover happens now.

Website Integration & Automation

Your website is in its home on the internet. Now its time to add the last touches, making sure any automations and integrations into and out of your website are working smoothly.

Launch & Go Live!

Wooohooooooooo! Your site goes live, you tell the world you’re ready, you’re here and this is what you’re an expert in. Now its the turn of marketing, getting your name out there and hustling baby. 

Two Weeks Post Launch Support

Don’t panic, if you find you need to learn something extra in the two weeks after launching, you can ask any and all questions you like within this time. I’ll do my best to help and teach you.

With your new or refreshed business & website online you’ll be ready to

share your expertise & be great online.

website, brand, photos what-ie Wha?

Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I choose you (ie. me: Cathie)

I’m a professional in three distinct areas which all tie together to make an online business. 

I build websites using WordPress. I design brands and logo suites to help you stand out. I photograph business owners and help you be recognised, personable & professional.

Most of all, I know all the little bits of hidden knowledge that interlink all those components to maximise the potential into one holistic business design. 

How long does it take to do a full business launch?

The absolute fastest time I can build a full online business is 1 month. BUT. It comes with a proviso:

  • All the content and images (except the photography we do together) for the website must be ready upfront.

The average business design takes 3 to 6 months if it’s a brand new business where the content of the website isn’t fully finished.

Will you write my content for me?

No. I am not a copywriter, I can give your content prompts for things are most usefully to write about .. but I won’t write your actual copy.

You have two options: hire a copywriter, or write the way you speak. So that it is authentically you.

Are you available to work immediately?

Sometimes, yes, if I’ve cleared my client workload. However most often I do pre-work with clients and then schedule in set times that we’ll work very closely together to create or build that phase of the project. 



How many clients do you work with at a time?

I work with two clients at a time, as I work in a staggered schedule. Two clients get my best focus, the rest of my clients are onboarding and preparing for their project slot.

How do you work when you're deaf?

I’m technically hard of hearing and most folks never even realise I’m deaf if we meet in person. I have one huge weakness .. I don’t hear phonecalls that well.

So I work across emails, zoom for video chats and I have a project management system for files and appointments. I have a system!

Why WordPress Self Hosted?

WordPress is an open source web development ecosphere that is frankly awesome. You can build very very simple websites, or incredibly complex ones .. like goverment websites. Take a peek at the US presidential website .. that’s on WordPress. 

What ever you wish to be able to do in your website, WordPress will do a heck of a lot of it when you add functionality via plugins. 

The website world is your oyster with WordPress, it scales to what ever size business you have.

Do you accept split payment plans?

Yes, I split the payment into project deliverables. ie. Branding, Website & Photography. This means that each section is delivered according to payment.

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