If you are marketing out on social media, why not do it on your own blog?

Thursday, 21st May 2020

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By marketing, I mean anything you share about what you do in your business.

Do you know that your own website blog can host content far far longer than any social media network?

It seems blatantly obvious to me but sometimes the stunningly obvious, its err .. not obvious!

On any social network, you may have a few hours (if you’re lucky: months) of your content being visible, sometimes just it’s just minutes. I’m giving side-eye to Twitter here. It’s a great platform that mimics live conversations and that is its strength, its immediate. But, if your customer isn’t there in those minutes, they’ve missed learning about you, knowing something more and the chance to like what you do. Which all builds up to trusting you know what you’re doing.

Your marketing, especially marketing with any value needs duration and the only place you will get that is on your own website and I’m hoping that you’re blogging too. Because honestly, google LOVES blog posts. Especially if its evergreen content that can keep being re-shared!

I saw a really interesting graphic showing how the Twitter content lifespan was 18 minutes, Facebook is 5 hours, Instagram is 21 and so forth. It was written back in 2016 and a lot changes in 4 years, what tech did then with their algorithms is not necessarily how it works today. If you want to know the details on this read Jon-Stephen Stansel post on How Long Does Bad Content Last? .. still, even with all the changes there is a fundamental truth. Your blog content will outlast any social media presence, with one HUGE bonus that I’ll tell you further down.

THD Blog SocialMediaLongevity INSTA 100

In the original infographic, it showed the minutes, hours, months duration for how long content was displayed effectively to your audience on each network. I’ve repurposed this but made it into a more abstract timeline, because while the exact hours and minutes do matter to some (plus I can’t find any recent studies on it) .. its not the gist of my message here. So I won’t bother sharing the original infographic, it’s now out of date from 2016. But the principle of it remains true.

Social media content doesn’t display for long in front of your customers. So apart from scrolling your timeline, they can’t search for something interesting.

So let this be a hint, have a search bar on your website.

If you are blogging, and creating value for your customers to learn from your experience .. help them by letting them know your blog categories and giving them a search bar as well.

So what’s the HUGE bonus for writing content on your websites blog?


You can keep re-sharing it!

Yeah, yeah I snuck that tidbit in earlier .. but seriously, recognise the power potential of this statement.

You have spent time creating graphics (I hope) for some or all of your social media. That’s time you’re not getting back, which includes the time of posting to each network or using a scheduler. Everything in business is about what you choose to spend your time on. Social media while great for networking and being where your customers are can be a huge colossal waste of time if not done effectively. Even the masters of social media marketing won’t get it right every time.

The other massive benefit of having a blog is that you can reshare your content using a social media management tool like Blog 2 Social. I have a blog post that I’m writing up about that plugin that I’ll release soon. So you can write once, reshare your evergreen content, again and again .. and again .. then again at any point of time you wish and any frequency too.

Now, isn’t that a smarter way to work and market what you do?

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