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Wednesday, 6th May 2020

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Branding is more than just a logo. You can see a previous blog post I wrote about how ‘branding is more than just you see‘ where I share all the many aspects of how people interact with you and your business, how it all adds up to a brand experience that you customers will have with you, whether you know it or not.

The richness of a brand experience means it can sometimes be confusing how to figure out all the elements of yours for your new or re-launching business. Yes, the logo is the one element we all recognise instantly, yet a brand logo can contain multi-part elements to the full logo brand. There are also colours, texture and patterns, as well as typography font choices that all make an impact on your customers and clients.

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The summary TL;DR version.

In short, we’ll meet up either in person or via a video call, get to know each other and I’ll guide you through the process of making a vision board on Pinterest. You’ll gather all of your inspirations and make notes, we’ll then meet again and discuss and eliminate elements of your vision board to narrow it down to its core components. We’ll design a few rough design concepts and you’ll sit with those or decide immediately what instinctively feels like a good connection with you. Those will be shaped up in design phase, then refined further, polished into its finished state and then you’ll receive a full brand identity kit with a visual guide on how to use it.

OK, but what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online place where you pin your interests into mood boards or vision boards on a topic of your choosing. For anything that you would like to collect inspirations on photos, graphics, fashion, branding, memes, quotes, literally anything that you would normally collect as inspiration, can be done on Pinterest.

You can see on my business Pinterest, that I’ve curated a few boards surrounding the services I provide in this business. You will be able to do the same but specifically for your business. I’ve labelled these boards ‘Brand Moodboard’ so that you can see how I collected inspiration for my heart hobby microbusiness Athena’s Heart where I make chainmaille jewellery.

There are other inspiration boards where I’ve gallery full brand identity collections, as well as separate ones for logos, textures and colours, typography and fonts so that you have some easy access inspiration that I’ve curated for you.

Pinterest Branding FullIdentityDesign
Pinterest Branding Logo
Pinterest Branding Typography
Pinterest Branding

So, what is the process of designing a brand with you Cathie?

Well, we know that between us we’ll make a full brand design and not just a logo (though I do also offer a very simple logo design option as well), I will advise you to use Pinterest to gather and make a mood board for your business.

Let’s break down the steps below, for the phases we’ll work through to design your full brand identity together..

A graphic showing the Branding Process of meeting up, creating a vision board, rough concepts, designing, refining, polishing and then launching the new brand.

1. Meet & Define Actions

We meet up over skype or zoom, we learn about each other, get to know your business and define the actions each of us do during this process of creating your brand.

2. Vision Board Inspiration

This is the longest part of the brand process, where we’ll carefully discuss and discard elements of inspiration for your brand.

3. Rough Concept

In a virtual or in person meeting, we’ll digitally sketch up some rough outlines for logo concepts. These will take elements of designs you’ve been inspired by and make them yours.

4. Design

This is the main part of the process where the favourite 2 (max 3) concepts will be made into semi finished designs.

5. Refine

No design is ever perfect on the first go. It’s during this process of refining the design, colours, patterns and fonts that your brand will find its form. It may take one or two iterations between design & refine to really nail it.

6. Polish

This is exactly what it means, we’ll polish your brand into its final form. All the elements of your brand identity will be output ready for you to use, along with a visual guide on how to use it.

7. Launch Your New Brand

Your brand is finished, you get to show the world your new business look and be consistently outstanding everywhere that your customers interact with you.

So that’s the way I work to create a brand identity. I’ll guide you through all of it to create a brand you are happy to promote you and your business with.

Are you with me? Do you want to work together to craft your brand identity so that you can stand out and be great, everywhere that you interact with your clients and customers?

Get in touch about a brand design.

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