Lesbian Socials
A fun, rainbow logo for a gay womens social group that are up for a natter.
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This was another personal project of mine .. creating a community of friends for the mostly invisible part of the LGBT+ society. 8+ years ago when I started this informal social group I didn’t know many gay women to hang out with and be friends. 

So I made a space for us and created events that people could know about and RSVP to. I did the best thing I could think of .. used my powers of branding to make a logo that people would recognise when out and about. The rainbow lips are used on their own and for those who know the logo, they recognise our events. 

Even though this is a logo I made for a side venture of mine .. its been wonderful to see it grow and be recognised by its logo. What started as a ‘lipstick lesbian’ inspiration, turned into this.

This was a brand identity project, meaning the multiple logo components, fonts, colours and textures are part of the full identity brand.

I love these testimonials.

I loved this logo on sight, friendly, fun and says exactly what it is. A social group for gay women and its a talking logo .. who doesn’t love that!
– Amy

I saw this logo waving around on a flag at Leeds Pride, I walked up, joined in and I’ve found a great circle of friends and my wife. So happy I saw this group, my life has changed since that day.
– Sharon

Sometimes it’s hard to see which group of people to join when you’re a newbie going for a picnic in a park. Thank goodness I could discretely recognise them because of their Lips flag. 
– Lisa

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