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Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

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When it comes to working on your business WordPress website and writing blog posts, you can work smarter by scheduling when you want your blog post to go live. You can, of course, just publish immediately .. but if you find yourself struggling to write content, write it out in advance on the days when you feel most inflow.

So my #wednesdaywisdom is Work Smarter: Schedule your blog posts.

When your writing your new blog post within WordPress, it is a draft until it is published. STOP. Before you hit the publish button at the top right, look a bit further down and next to ‘Publish’ you can click on the ‘immediate’ and change the date and time to some time in the future. This way you can schedule up your blog posts.

worksmarter schedulingblogpost1

You can then easily choose the date and time you want to your new blog post to go ‘live’ to the internets.

worksmarter schedulingblogpost2

Once you’ve set your time and date, you’ll notice that the Publish button becomes a Schedule button. So click on Schedule and your post will go live on that date and time. This way you’ll can also schedule your social media posts to go at the same time, even do some pre-teaser work for any of your big blog posts with lots of value in it.

worksmarter schedulingblogpost3

Another side tip for scheduling posts, is to schedule them to slot in between previous posts in the past. This is slightly less useful as you don’t have the cachet of a ‘new’ post, it will just blend into all the previous posts you’ve written. Still, its an option.

The BIG bonuses of scheduling your posts are:

  • Your posts will appear consistently week on week when you want them scheduled, your audience will learn to anticipate new content from you and come looking for it.
  • You don’t panic about having to write something that week, unless you have no more posts scheduled up.
  • You can organise your social media to sync up with your new blog post.
  • You have time to think, edit and refine your content and graphics. No more rush jobs, unless you feel massively inspired and have to post NOW!
  • If you change your mind about the blog post title, you can do that before it goes live and update its permalink.

Tadah! A very simple solution to working smarter within your wordpress website.

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