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Thursday, 23rd May 2019

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Passwords, the bane of existence and who can ever remember so many?! Well it’s very easy if you know how, you just need to have a little bit of thinking and come up with a way to combine a unique element per site, some numbers and letters that make up a unique phrase for you.

Graphic with a passwords login with a cloud showing all your information being stored online.

Passwords are the defense between you and another who wants to hack your access and use your personal information. Your password is your shining knight defending you online. Cheesy, yes but true. So let’s make sure you’re safe with the best passwords you can think of.

Think of a unique phrase

For this example, I’m going to write one I will never use ‘Life Sucks’, as an aside I will say life can be hard, we can have lots of obstacles big and small to overcome but I hope never to say ‘life sucks’, spew negativity and check out on life.

So we have a unique phrase.

Now for you, I would recommend trying a little bit of the ‘laws of attraction’ do you have a phrase that summarises exactly what you wish to achieve? Remembering you’re going to be typing this in several times a day it hopefully will be a good one .. but if it’s too hard right this second to think of one, then pick something simple.

Replace some letters with numbers.

There are some numbers and symbols that look like letters. How about a 1 for an l, or 4 for an A, 3 for an E or 0 for an O .. you can see where I’m going.

Here’s a small list of safe symbols you can use in a password: ! ? / ‘ # % = ;

Add a slice of uniqueness

For every site it has a name, why not take the first two letter of the site and use that as the unique part of the password. Or maybe the first letter of each word, the last letter of each word? What ever it is that you decide, make sure it comes from the site name in some kind of way.

The great thing about this unique little key is that you can place it anywhere in the password mix.

Lets make a password mix

Now for the password structure. Let’s take your unique phrase that yours, a couple of switched letters and numbers, maybe an uppercase or two as well and combine with that unique splash from the site domain and you have .. a unique password for every single website! Ta-Dah!

So let’s get it going. You can either start, end or put in the middle that unique little site key you’ve decided upon. The choice is yours but once chosen, be consistent with it.

Phrase: Be A Millionaire
Number / Symbol Switch: 3 for an e, ! for an i,  4 for a
Site Identifier: Th

The Password Mix: BeTh4Milliona!r3

There you have it, that lovely unique password that will be different for every single website. Easy peasy right?! .. Right, guys, don’t tell me you’ve stopped reading .. I’m saving your digital world asses right now!

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