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Tuesday, 19th May 2020

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WordPress comes in two flavours called .com and .org! That explains things everything doesn’t it. I’ll go now, shall I?

Square graphic asking: which version of WordPress to choose. The .com or .org version?

Don’t worry, it’s all to do where the website is stored on the internet. if you’ve read my ebook that I wrote about Websites and their foundation basics what I’m about to say will be a repeat.

So like I said, its about where your website will be stored on the internet. The internet is made up of a few things when it comes to website, the main two basics are domains and hosting.

If you think of a house, the domain is the address to the house. The house itself, on the other hand, needs to exist somewhere and hosting is about which planet it’s residing on. To scale it up the universe is analogous to the internet. Some hosting planets are lovely, they do everything for you about storing and keeping your website as safe as they can. Whereas other hosting planets are great for folks who want full control over what they can do. Each planet charges differently.

A diagram showing the link of domain and hosting.

The two flavours of WordPress

WordPress.COM is Hosted For You

You do not need a hosting account. This is where the folks of WordPress themselves do the hosting as a done for you service, you don’t worry about the background tech of hosting. But. You pay more, for more flexibility, as you grow. But for those who are okay with spending a bit more for the peace of mind of not worrying about servers, and security and backups .. and don’t mind that you pay more again for more features. This might be your best option.

WordPress.ORG is Self Hosted, i.e. you choose the hosting plnaet

You do need a hosting space and, I highly recommend Siteground.

This is the ‘world is your oyster’ website level, where it can grow to whatever your needs are.  But. You need to learn some stuffs, like different hosting companies, website security and backing up your site. But, you pay less and gain ultimate flexibility. You are then responsible for everything in and around the management of your website.

But, how do you choose which is best for you?

A decision tree map helping you to choose which WordPress version to go for: done for you servers or buy your own and self host.

There are two main questions to ask:

Do you want to learn to manage the tech?

You’ll have to learn some in order to manage your website inside of WordPress. I’m talking about the additions of learning plugins for WordPress and talking to the hosting company if you need further help.

Do you have a tight financial budget?

If you have a really tight financial budget then you need to figure out how much you can afford and what service will give you the best results. It may be that you can only afford a free or very cheap static Wix site and that’s okay. I would advise starting WordPress when you need more functionality like blogging and ability to grow your business with booking appointments and pre-qualifying clients as an example.

So now you’ve got a choice to make .. what do you choose?

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