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I help you gain website independence

so you know how to use your wordpress website & your designs and update your content:

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Stop fumbling around the back end of your website wondering what to do, looking at the front end layout and content and feeling confused.

Start working smarter, lets shine a spotlight and figure it out together.

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When you book – tell me what you need help with!

When you book your power slot with me, in the message write and share with me what you want help with!

This means I can prepare for our meeting together.

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What People Are Saying

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She has a lot of knowledge and experience.

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I did a ‘Powerhour’ with Cathie and I found it so helpful! Cathie is very creative and relaxed in her approach. She has a lot of knowledge and experience in building websites, graphic design and photography. I also appreciated that she is very honest with her clients. She can work with you on a full project or just small pieces of work, whatever suits you best.


stars 5

It was even recorded so I could have reference to everything that we discussed.

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“I recently did a power hour with Cathie to help me with my website. I learned so much about my website and how I could change it and make it better. Cathie was really lovely and encouraged me to ask questions. It was easy to book and arrange the session. It was even recorded so I could have reference to everything that we discussed during the session. I now love my website and am excited to be promoting it!”


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There is a lot that I can teach and I’m working hard to bring you training courses that are little quick snippets, medium lengths right through to full on learn the website & business spectrum of what I know, with me there to guide you through it with live Q&A’s!

So tell me, what are you struggling with and want me to make a training video or series about?

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