How to make a great impression with a personal branding portrait

How to make a great impression with a personal branding portrait

You have 1 second to make a impression, make it count. It’s part of human nature to instantly like / dislike, trust or distrust a person, we make snap judgements based on a persons looks and our experiences. We don’t trust as quickly a business that isn’t representing themselves professionally and this is where personal branding comes in.

Branding – this is what speaks for us once we have left the room or is discussed about us and our business when we are not there. Traditionally its a mark of ownership but in modern day its the ‘stamp’ we put on our professional reputation.

That’s me, Cathie Heart

Personal Branding has one slight difference from a traditional business headshot, it represents you as more than just you in a business suit. It’s slightly softer and more personable while still being professsional. The example above is shot in a studio, but a branding portrait can be photographed on location too and often far more approachable.

Maureen was a full business launch client, which included personal branding portraits, a brand identity for her business and website design. Above you can see her at home in nature, happy, personable and in her element. I’d want to work with this woman in her field as a Confidence Coach because of this photo, wouldn’t you?

This is how a personal branding portrait can help you make a great first impression in less than a second.

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