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Emma Langton – Executive Leadership Coach
Services Used: Photos Website
Emma Langton - Website Design and Photography

Emma Langton is a wonderful executives coach for leaders in business, with personal coaching and business coaching she embodies the professional while also being personable. Her website needed to share that same ability.

Emma had a fully working website, with great content but needed a revamp so that it’s style worked with her. Her love of navy blue clothes gave us a brilliant starting point and a contrasty teal to give it a bit of zing.

We did a remote photoshoot during the Covid Lockdowns, where I took control of her mobile phone camera to create new imagery for her website. These images have been incorporated into her about page and several page headers. They are also useful for creating her own marketing materials, to put herself in her business.

This was a wordpress website and photography project.

I love my clients testimonial.

Cathie revamped my website and created a site that is stylish, up to date, we’ll set out and easy to use. I’ve had so many great compliments and I’m delighted with the end result. Cathie has some nifty tools that help to make feedback, tweaks and updates really quick and efficient to do. I loved working with her. The added bonus is she also did some amazing photos that we used to update the website too.
Thank you Cathie. I highly recommend you for website and photos.
EmmaLangton PersonalBranding 05

Check out her website design:

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Home Page BEFORE

Athena's Heart - Home Page Design

Home Page AFTER

THD EmmaLangton Home

About Page

Athena's Heart - Home Page Design

Podcast Page

THD EmmaLangton Podcast scaled

Contact Page

THD EmmaLangton Contact

Service Page

Athena's Heart - Home Page Design

Service Page

THD EmmaLangton Service WellbeingTrainingSupport

Service Page

THD EmmaLangton Service PrivateCoaching

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