The Tech Heart Membership

Learn your way to website independence.

Tips & How-To 5-minute snippet videos

Watch my cursor and navigate how to do specific tasks. There will be two videos, one will be a 'how to do' and the second a 'why we do', so that you know how but more importantly why and how it integrates into make a website fit for purpose.

Once a month co-work with me space

I host a once a month co-work with me space where we write blog posts, edit a page, add a service to our websites. 

Please note: this is not a 'fix it' space. If you have a problem with your website that  needs fixing, that issue needs resolving outside of the co-work with me space. 


is earned with every successful step.


comes from learning to overcome problems.


is repeating the same process until you don't second guess it.

What you'll gain from being a member:

You'll know you can update, add to and edit your website as frequently as you wish.

Know how-to and create content that publishes on schedule, even if you're having a well deserved lie in!

Confidence that you can professionally share your knowledge and expert skills

A safe space to work on your website with your fellow small business owners.


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