Three of my latest client designs.

You cannot market
yourself well,
if you’re not happy using,
what your marketing
yourself with.


Be known as an expert


Be liked by showcase your personality


Be trusted with a professional email


Get found online

Launch your website and brand in 10 weeks

with my step by step, follow my cursor help


This is me (Cathie Heart) and my course offer, hello!

Oh my .. my face is big on this website and what a ‘freeze frame’!

In 10 weeks (with 2 weeks post launch support) you’ll have a website to launch and market yourself with.

Step by step we’ll take you through the following:

Your domain & hosting

Get started with an online space for your website and emails.

A professional email

One that matches your domain name, none of that malarky.

Branding Materials

Stand out, be professional and grab attention from your ideal customer.


Understand what to write

Know a plan of what to write. 

A WordPress Website

A WordPress website that you know how to use.

How to Edit your Website

Edit and update your website with new pages, switch photos, edit text etc.

Be human with SEO

Understand how to be human with SEO and doing that on your website.

Setup Google My Business

Be found on google with their best search platform, even if you don’t have a business address.


Plus 2 weeks post-launch personalised support.

Two weeks to ask for additional help, questions and strategies to be the expert in your area.

How I’ll teach during these 12 weeks.

Mondays: Pre-Recorded Training

On mondays you’ll be able to log into this website and access your training video. Along with any supporting documents.

Facebook Pod Group

You won’t be alone doing this training, there will be new business mates doing the same process to build their websites like you. 


Wednesday: Live Q&A

There will be a live Q&A on Wednesday for any of you with questions relevant to the weeks training. 

What you’ll learn and do each week.

Week 1: Choosing your business name, What is a domain & hosting + how to buy.

Let’s start with a solid foundation for your business. Your business name. When you’re interacting with a business online its always professional to have a domain and social media names to match. In my opinion it would look good if my business domain is but then you have to go to @thehearts-design or @the-heart-design (note the missing ‘s’) on twitter or instagram .. that stuff just doesn’t look professional to me! Let me show you an easy way to do this research.

Then I’ll guide you on what domain and hosting are and then how to buy it for your business or project.

Week 2: Setup Emails

I don’t know about you but I find it not so legit or professional to email the business name that ends with I know a LOT of people do that .. let me teach you how not to be one of those businesses. 

You have a domain name, lets get a good email going that begins info@ or contact@ or hello@ your domain name.

Week 3: Design a Logo in Canva + Finding Stock Images

This week we design your business logo, the most recognisable symbol of your business.  I’ll teach you how to choose fonts in Canva and create a design you love. 

We’ll also add to that with images, patterns and colours to flesh it out into a brand. So that even without the logo, people can recognise the style of your brand. 

Week 4: Intro to web information flow, SEO + Writing Content for Pages & Blog Posts

Most websites have a certain flow of how information is presented. It answers a customers immediate needs and gives them a button to click in order to buy a service / product or learn more. 

We’ll look at this to figure out what your customer wants to know, what you want customers to know and what you want your customers to be able to do.

Week 5: Install WordPress, Backup & Security, Install Site Template

It’s the beginning of the main tech, we started with getting the domain and hosting and emails sorted. Now its the foundations of the website with WordPress. 

Plus there’s plenty of folks who want to hack into websites, so we’ll make it more difficult by installing security and a backup system. 

I’ve also helped get a kick start by designing a simple prompting website template that shows an information flow and where to put your content. Making sure that we have Divi installed, we’ll then upload my template.

Week 6: Divi - Design the Pages: Home, About, Services, Contact

My website template I’ve provided as a starting leg up is ready to be customised by you. I’ll show you how to make simple changes, add images, layouts etc

You’ll be adding all the written content onto your pages and giving some personality in your styling and layouts to make it your own.

Week 7: Divi Builder - Design the blog page, blog template, category template, header & footer

This is the second week of using Divi and we’ll be creating the smarter ‘builder’ template side of the site. Blog posts are great but how they get presented also needs attention.

Especially if we want our readers to be able to find more of the valuable content we share.

Week 8: Writing a Blog Post in WordPress

This is the golden nugget week, if you can nail this bit and repeat it, you’ll have a website that gets found by google and it in time will share your expertise with the world.

Week 9: Social Media Integration & Automation

This is main part of your work smarter, not harder. Why do four steps of write a blog post and then three posts on social media for facebook, Linkedin and Instagram .. why do those four things when you can write one blog post and have a tool that broadcasts a unique message for you to each of those three networks. With the bonus of sharing that blog posts too on your networks. 

Let me show you some automation magic. 

Week 10: Launch your website - Go Live (remove coming soon page)

Ah the week we’ve been working so hard for. The week you remove the coming soon page and say to the world .. I have a website and it now represents me and my business online. 

A good website works for you, telling people about what you do and how to work with you and your customers know what they will get and learn something in the process. Ahhh .. that feels good.

Week 11: Q&A + Bonus 1 Google My Business

Bonus 1 – I’ll show you how to set up a Google My Business so that you show up in their search results, how to link it up to your website so that your blog posts are shared to it. What’s magic about this is that you do NOT need a business address or building to be on google maps!

Plus I’ll be doing personalised Q&A training to answer your questions from the previous weeks.

Week 16: Q&A

I’ll be doing a second personalised Q&A training to answer your questions from the previous weeks.

All my beta members will receive guidance on where they can get WordPress help either with myself and a discounted Power Hour or with a great support company called WP Fix It.

3 months of training & community to grow with.

The way I’ll be teaching is in three parts:

1. Pre-recorded lessons available to watch on Monday each week.

2. I will be doing a live Q&A on Wednesdays at 7pm on Zoom. These will be recorded & shared on the course pages.

3. There is a community facebook group specifically for my members. Be social with your fellow business owners also building their websites. 

You may feel you don’t know ..


What Tech To Use

I’ll help you set all this up with WordPress on your own hosting, plus offer guidance on some options to boost what your website can do.


What To Say

This can be tough, even copywriters when it comes to their own website struggle with this .. the tip, is to focus on your customer and what you’re doing for them. 


How To Design

Good design really does help, I’ll teach you some suprisingly simple tricks that will help you be consistently good and help you stand out to your audience.

Don’t worry I’ll take you through this step by step.

Cathie Heart, the creator and designer at The Heart’s Design.

She has a masters certified tech background but a relaxed style when she teaches and builds WordPress websites. She challenges herself and others to find joy in business. We often hear ‘we need to have a head for business’, but Cathie believes we also need to have a heart for business and to work smarter by using tech to its best advantage.

She has created websites and new businesses online for herself and her clients for nearly a decade and supports artists and creatives to build their dream lifestyles using their business and tech. All of her skills in websites, branding, graphic design and photography all combine to help you stand out and be great online.

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