Friday Fear: Coronacoaster, will I make it out of this with a business?

Friday, 8th May 2020

I’m sure this is a question that you are asking in your brain. The world feels upside down and will I be able to survive this lockdown and have a business that I can keep going?

I absolutely feel for you, and admit to worrying for me a bit too. Especially for those of you who are not yet online with a website or effectively using your social media sites.

I do recommend researching and sign up free for my ebook teaching website foundations. So that you can prepare yourself for having a website online, you can use any free hours you have right now to learn to launch your own website or hire a designer like me to make it for you.

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The world feels backwards, upside down and so many many things we were looking forward to being able to do have been restricted or stopped entirely. There are so much of our ordinary lives that have changed. For some, its a massive difference .. for those of us who have started our journey being self-employed or are well into it .. it’s still unsettling. I’ve worked from home for years and its been very weird having folks home during the day and invading my office, how dare they! Just kidding.

An upside down sunset photo of a rollercoaster
This image is often is how it feels when I let myself think about the current world.
It’s what my insides feel like they are doing .. a loop de loop!

I recently came across this word: Coronacoaster. It’s a perfect neologism that explains our current lives. The corona virus and rollercoaster feelings.

The ups and downs of your mood during the pandemic. You’re loving lockdown one minute but suddenly weepy with anxiety the next. It truly is “an emotional coronacoaster”.

So to help with these feelings, one way that I get through this .. is to focus. Focus on what I can do next. What is the next right thing? What can I do with the energy I have right now, no matter how small an amount of energy that may be.

Kudos to those of you who recognise a Frozen 2 reference in that!

Here are a few things you can do right now for little to no money that will help you in your business.

Write a story about your ideal customer.

Give them a name, age, gender, place where they live, type of lifestyle. Figure out one person who you would love to work with and define them within an inch of being a person who is alive right now. Remember this person when ever you are writing a social media post, blog post, chatting about your business. The more you apply your marketing to that person, the more effective it becomes.

Learn a design tool.

For example: sign up for a free account with Canva. Find tutorials on youtube and learn how to use this amazing tool to create your own marketing materials. Learn to be consistent with your design and that will become the basis of how you are recognised online.

Read books that inspire and teach you a new way of thinking.

These don’t have to be business books, quite often I find in dealing with my own brain I’m learning to be a better human, learning about impulses and what drives me. This creates a better human, one who is healthier in mind to run a business.

Go for a walk and listen to business books.

Similar to the one above but the act of walking makes you fitter, helps your lungs get fresh air and your thoughts cannot easily go in circles when you’re walking. Listening to authors like Tim Ferris with the 4 Hour Work Week will inspire new ways of thinking and doing your business. TIP: where possible buy the Amazon Kindle book and the Audible at the same time, often the cost is the same price or lower than the Audible book alone.

Write down some dream business goals. Go big with those dreams.

They do need to be somewhat realistic and map out what you can do to get there. So that instead of thinking, what if I fail. You’ll have a visual of what is possible if you succeed.

Remember to take a break this weekend, recharge your batteries so that you have the internal resilience to keep going.

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