3 reasons to use social media AND a website

3 reasons to use social media AND a website

Let’s dive straight in to why you want to use social media AND ALSO a website to be in business! Let the count down begin ..

3. Social media gives you the ability to chat and be social with your audience and customers in exactly the place where they ‘hang out online’. The purpose here is to catch a persons attention and intrigue them.

2. People buy from people, so if you aren’t showing 75% business and say 25% personal, you are missing a chance to show who you are in your business. We love stories, so share yours about you within your business.

1. Your website is where all of your customers are best sent and this is where you *sprinkle* some of your marketing magic. They more of your website, click on your call to action button and buy from you or strike up a deeper conversation via your contact form. This could be your face when that dream client contacts you with an idea you’d LOVE to work with them on .. oooOOoo!

You just never know who loves what you do until you show them the way to get in touch with you. Sell that gorgeous flower arrangement, tell the story of having fun with your work space mates, all the plans and ideas that are burbling away. Have a professional website that works, where people can see what you and hire you to do their dream service.

Don’t trust that the right people will find you, go out there and shine .. be your best self, your best business and make an impact. Tell the world ‘Here I am and this is what I do, would you like me to make you something similar?’ and you’ll be on your way.

So get set, ready .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. go!

Hello, we’re back again!

Hello, we’re back again!

It’s finally here .. my new website and new content and awesome stuff being created right now. Here’s to the softly softly slow launch of The Heart’s Design.


So why am I launching on International Womens Day? It’s not so much that its ‘womens’ day so much as we celebrate achievements on this day for me. We recognise the hard efforts of our elders in history, they’ve paved the way for us to have an easier life by inventing new things, discovering new science, advancing humanity forwards. These are all great things.

For me I wanted to recognise an achievement of mine, I’ve been working on this business of mine for a long time now, mostly under my previous business name which wasn’t working for me. Hopefully this new one will! Life can bit a bit of a battle ground when you have a limited amount of hours you can work in a week, so its taken longer for me to reach this stage than planned. But, I made it!

So why the softly softly slow launch? That’s because I’m not quite there yet with my ‘shop’ system, since I’m registering for a VAT number (I’m a business in the UK) and must have that number in order to be able to have access to VATMOSS to pay Europe its VAT dues as the law states. I will be supplying digital images and I need to wait until my legal side catches up, its taking much longer than I thought it would. So instead of one huge launch and I’m doing a pre-launch by getting my website up and live and I’ll complete and launch the shop later.

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