What if launching your business was as simple as:

Decide your Business Goals

Pick n Mix your Online Elements

Install It .. and .. Go Live!

Cherry pick your bespoke online business

What You’ll Receive

An Industry Standard CMS

Uh oh, I said a geek word .. CMS, run for the hills! In all seriousness, all it means is ‘Content Management System’ aka:

All our websites are build using WordPress, it’s the most extensible website content management system and we love it! You want a blog, fabulous. You want a shop, no problem. You’d like to have clients book you, pay a 50% deposit up front and sync to your calendar .. okay! Lets do it!

Peace of mind about Security

Most people think that you just install wordpress and bobs your uncle you’re finished .. well .. not quiet. First you need to be able to stop the hackers, so you need security on your website. We’ll do this for you. Secondly you need to be able to restore your website if it develops problems, our product comes with backup support in it. You’re welcome.

A safe undo button

My most favourite button on almost all systems is the Undo button. It’s amazing how many times we needed it! Most people think that you just install wordpress and hey presto you’re finished .. well .. not quite. Backup systems are a definite NEED when it comes to websites. So as part of the bespoke pick & mix system, we’ll give you a way to restore your business online should any hiccup occur.

Note: This only works for the website itself, not the social media your website links in with. Unfortunately I wasn’t the genius that came up with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many more .. darn it!

How to not be hacked in 3, 2, 1

The fastest way hackers get into your site is via your password .. that dreaded password blackhole, where its really hard to remember the complex ones that no one will ever get! Hackers know that a heck of a lot of wordpress installs have a username as Admin and a password that is simple english words like: lovemypuppy or some such. With our ‘build your business’ product, we create a unique username as defined by you and a generated password that is very hard to crack. We’ll teach you a way to remember it and maybe just improve your password security everywhere else if you adopt our password structure.

Note: That’s a big bold claim at the end and it’s really up to you what you do with your password security! We just make sure you set off with a good one that bamboozles the hackers.

Choices of Branding Elements

Your can choose your primary colour for your branding and select from a range of logo’s and fonts of ours to build your unique identity.

Unique In Person Impact

When you meet people you make an impact, so why not have your business card and stationery that you leave behind to promote yourself do the same! Stand out from the crowd.

Know how to use WordPress

We won’t leave you in the lurch, there’s no point in having a website if you don’t know how to use it. It becomes a site that dies a death very quickly otherwise.

Easily Customisable Website

If you can’t adjust the content of your website without needing to contact a webdesigner, then either you haven’t been taught well, haven’t had enough time to really learn OR the site is too clunky and not suited to your technical skills. It might even have been a ploy by your designer in order to get you to pay them more! We don’t do that .. I’m happier when you are successfull, that only happens when you can stand fully on your own two feet.

Cherry pick your bespoke online business

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