Book a Website Power Hour

You’re wanting to spruce up or DIY your website &

you want some advice on how to do this for yourself.


My power hour service is for you.

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This is your hour to chat with me and pick my brains, ask questions, get advice, training .. what ever you wish for your hour.

I can review your website and make a list of actions that will give you the best return for your time spent updating it. 

You’ll be able to ask your questions in our hour together talking on zoom and make your plan of action work for you.

No more fumbling around the back end of your website wondering what to do, looking at the front end layout and content and feeling confused .. lets shine a spotlight and figure it out together.

Pick my brain about:



WordPress Service & Self Hosted


Divi Theme




Learning Management System


Search Engine Optimisation


Backup & Security

+ Other Extras


Free Commercial Fonts


Free Stock Photography


Designing Logos


Canva Tips


Personal Branding Tips


Product Photography

So what happens next:

1. Checkout & Pay

You check out and pay on my website. 

2. Schedule a Time

You’ll go straight to my booking form where you can find a date and time that suits your calendar to have a power hour with me. 


3. Power Hour Chat

We have a zoom chat, which we can record for re-watching later and you ask any and all questions you wish to know.

Happy Customers

“I recently did a power hour with Cathie to help me with my website. I learned so much about my website and how I could change it and make it better. Cathie was really lovely and encouraged me to ask questions. It was easy to book and arrange the session. It was even recorded so I could have reference to everything that we discussed during the session. I now love my website and am excited to be promoting it!”

Laura Taylor

Taylors Pawsitive Training

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