Hi there, I’ve worked hard at:

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to help you stand out in your niche.


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I worked on behalf of my clients designing and building
your online businesses and now ..

it’s time to change

.. to teach you how to do this for yourself.

When you know some principles of design & how to build and maintain your website, you can build any business you desire to live the life you wish.

Thank you for your patience while I create a new way to support you.


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Keep in the loop!

I’ll message you with sneak peaks and behind the scenes ..

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A photo of Cathie Heart, with blue hair and a grey jumper with a rainbow stripe across the front.

.. you’ll be the first to learn everything I’ve learned in over a decade of being self employed, so that you can do the same for yourself. 

I’ll teach you:

  • Simple ways to stand out with your branding.
  • Some clean graphic design principles & why they make an impact.
  • How to make your website get found, stand out and build relationships. 
  • How to grab attention with your words.
  • Rinse and repeat it all, until you find your business style that supports you in the life you want to live.

I’m Cathie Heart, I’ve built and let go of many businesses over the years, now I’m redesigning my website business of 12 years to its new incarnation and will be creating a platform that helps you do the same. 

With love & kindness,

Cathie Heart

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